Marc Jacobs In The Buff

Most designers would be too self-conscious (or too cool) to promote a collection by covering their body in neon text and posing naked save a strategically placed handbag. Then again, Marc Jacobs isn’t most designers.

Most designers probably wouldn’t do what looks like a thousand sit-ups a day either. Clearly a bit of eye candy for the queer eye, or queer eye candy to be concise, Jacobs proves that irreverence goes a long way in the all to stoic fashion world.

The picture comes courtesy of a Louis Vuitton capsule collection which honours the day-glo graffiti of designer and artist Stephen Sprouse. Like their previous collaborations Jacobs utilizes Sprouse’s iconic pop art as the print for a range of bags, shoes and apparel.

Speaking of the collection Jacobs explained: ‘It’s this idea of a head-to-toe look in this brash, neon, rock ‘n’ roll, edgy, street-informed style…Sprouse really best personified it.’

Much like the late Sprouse, Jacobs’s ability to galvanizes high and low culture has cemented his place as one of the decades most prolific creative forces. Now excuse me while I renew my membership to the gym.

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