There’s Already A Fancy iPhone 12 Case Bc It Deserves To Rest On A Bed Of The Finest Leather

phone case
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Unless you’ve been hiding from the world in an underground bunker (wouldn’t blame you) then you’ve probably heard about the latest iPhone. That’s right, the iPhone 12 is here and she’s a beauty. You’re probably among the millions of people planning to get your mitts on it, but there’s another important decision still to be made – the phone case.

Investing in the right case is just as big a deal as buying the damn phone. No seriously, we don’t appreciate the important of a good case until we’ve got a cracked screen or a phone covered in strawberry jam (or whatever else you animals do). Obviously a phone like this deserves only the finest things in life. Candlelit dinners, all expenses paid trips to wine country and the finest material on which to lay its weary self after a long day of doing your bidding. The only phone case that meets the brief is the newest range from MAISON de SABRÉ.

From a brand name so fancy we wouldn’t expect anything less than the top tier kinda stuff – and that’s exactly what they’re offering. Right off the bat they’ve already got a range of chic cases for the iPhone 12, iPhone Mini, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. They’re all made from premium Australian leather which gives them that divine pebbled look and they’ve just increased my desire to own the new iPhone tenfold.

Even the names of the colours make me feel all lush and tingly (Black Caviar and Saharan Nude are in a league of their own). There’s a bunch of different colours to choose from depending on your mood and taste so you’ll be spoiled for choice on that front.

If you feel like cranking the bouj factor up a thousand notches you can also get your case monogrammed. This will stop you from snatching someone else’s phone on a night out, but more importantly it’ll stop others from snatching yours. Your precious, personalised case.

Honestly, this case is so stunning it’s an accessory in itself. You’ll be waving it around like wild to showcase your tech prowess – especially if you’re usually that person with the comically shitty phone.

You can shop the MAISON de SABRÉ iPhone 12 collection here.

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