Maison De Sabré Are Taking 40% Off Everything So Let’s All Get Saddled Up In Those Lil’ Bags

maison de sabre black friday
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If you’ve been holding out for the Black Friday sale of your dreams, this is it. It’s the chance for all your tech accessories to rest on a bed of the finest leather – Maison De Sabré leather. Yes, the legends are hosting a colossal 40% off sale site-wide and there’s never been a more opportune moment to add some leather to your life. The sale officially kicks off today and is running until midnight on the 1st December.

maison de sabre

iPhone 12 Pro Case (Was $79, now $47.40)

Unsurprisingly, given its yuge nature, this is the brands biggest Black Friday sale ever. You can stock up on everything from phone cases and wallets to AirPods cases and their latest accessory – the tiny tote. Yep, if you’ve ever wanted to pretend you’re Lizzo at the AMAs with the whole tiny bag thing – this would be your time.

Not only is every item stupidly lush, but everything from Maison De Sabré can be monogrammed (in case you’re worried some dirty dog might try to steal your new case at brunch). The whole customisable element is a real treat, especially if you’re buying a gift for someone because anything engraved just screams ‘I-put-effort-into-this.’ Better yet? The personalisation service is free so there’s no reason not to go the whole hog and get your initials carved in.

maison de sabre

AirPods Case (Was $89, now $53.40)

You’re probably already hot and bothered at the idea but the good news doesn’t stop there. Maison De Sabré are also offering free shipping during the promotion so we’ve officially run out of excuses not to splurge.

Don’t deprive yourself of the finer things in life any longer. Smack on a bit of leather, put your fancy pants on and treat yourself.

You can shop the entire Maison De Sabré collection here.