Yes, Macklemore Is Aware That The Alt-Right Are Big Fans Of His Haircut

Of all the things Macklemore has wrought upon our culture – a newfound reverence for thrift shops through notwithstanding – surely his greatest crime is his signature haircut. Previously popular among such luminaries as Edwardian-era street gangs, Macklemore conspired with other wearers like David Beckham to bring the short-back-and-sides-long-on-top look kicking and screaming into the 2010s.

Pictured: the Platonic ideal of the undercut

Look, it’s not fair to suggest that it was entirely Macklemore who helped popularise the undercut again. The New York Times was ruminating on the return of the haircut as early as 2011 – a full year before Thrift Shop reminded us of the utility of used fur coats. But nonetheless it’s now associated with him, to the point that some call it ‘the Macklemore’.

Unfortunately, another subculture other than European footballers and white rappers have accepted the undercut as their chosen hairstyle: racists. Nicknamed the ‘fashie’ in some quarters, the undercut has picked up some undesirable fans in the alt-right, who seemingly appreciate its popularity with Wehrmacht officers in Nazi Germany.

Case in point: the alt-right kingpin Richard Spencer, a proud white supremacist, who wears the haircut – albeit slightly less stylishly than David Beckham.

Well, we’ve got confirmation now that Macklemore is completely aware that the haircut he helped thrust back into widespread popularity has an unfortunate Nazi fanbase. And he denounces the haircut. In fact, he says, he got rid of his a year ago.

In a response to Twitter user Jon Hendren, Macklemore announced he has carved out a new path:

There you have it, folks. Twitter users are congratulating him for his bravery in cutting his hair slightly shorter than it was before.

Godspeed to the rest of you.