WATCH: Macklemore Tears Shit Up With His 100 Y.O G-Ma In Dope New Vid

Quickly pour some out for Ryan Lewis, the former half of hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who, much like your high school friend when you started uni, has been discarded and forgotten about, as Macklemore forges ahead as a solo artist. RIP 4eva.

One of Macklemore’s first non-Ryan-Lewis-associated releases is new track ‘Glorious‘ which today recieved the music video treatment and it features The Mack surprising his delightfully baller grandma for her 100th birthday and tearing shit up with her across town.
Helen, the surprisingly sprightly hundo-year-old, is easily the star of the equal parts adorable and hilarious vid, egging houses, popping middle-fingers and knocking back champagne whilst getting a lap dance from a stripper, all with reckless abandon.
Cop a squiz at the vid below and know that your G-Ma will never rock as hard as Macklemores:

Picture: YouTube / Macklemore.