Luxirare Fashions And Baked Goods Now For Sale!

Luxirare is an amazing weekly webzine that combines two of the sexiest most alluring things on earth: clothes and cuisine – all of which is amazingly presented and beautifully photographed to make your mouth water one way (food-induced) or the other (clothes-induced).

Luxirare’s proprietor, designer, baker, stylist and model, Ji, has just opened an e-shop where you can pick up her sartorial creations.

Sadly, the food is not for sale.

There are two different sections in the shop: the ‘Luxirare section’ – which stocks the limited edition pieces handmade by Ji, and the ‘vintage section’ – featuring clothes Ji has collected by other designers mixed in with some everyday pieces.

Luxirare Consolidated Bracelet – $95

Rabbit fur full-length coat – $150

Stella McCartney wedge – $275

As far as prices go, items range from $45 to $2000. Two large is steep, but as Ji explains:

“I didn’t want to have this “set” standard of pricing. For most of us, price has nothing to do with luxury or what it means when something is truly luxurious.”

International shipping is available so shop on, folks: Luxirare e-shop