FINALLY: Lush Has Released A Vegan Version Of Its Cult-Fave Cleanser

Heads up vegan lushies and skincare obsessives alike, there’s now an animal-friendly, entirely vegan version of Lush’s cult cleanser on the shelves. It’s called UltraPlant and it’s just as good of a makeup-removing, skin-clearing saviour as its honey-and-lanolin-filled sibling.

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Much like the original ‘desert island’ product UltraBland – which most of the Lush founders would choose as the one product to get stuck on an island with – UltraPlant uses a waxy base to help shift make-up and general gunk off your face. But instead of using beeswax, you’ll find candelilla and sunflower wax in there, working its magic to not only cleanse but help protect the skin.

UltraPlant is also chock-full of jojoba oil, which very closely resembles our natural sebum, and a good dose of agave syrup – a plant-based alternative to honey that acts as a humectant as well (grabs onto important moisture to keep your skin feeling supple and hydrated.)

You use UltraPlant the same way you’d use its non-vegan buddy – scoop out a healthy glob and massage it all over your face, before washing off with a warm flannel.

I know the UltraBland has been a lifesaver for folks with problem skin, essentially clean-slating the skin after a month of use (or a full 28-day skin cell cycle), so it’s heaps bloody good to know there’s an option out there for our plant-based friends, too.

UltraPlant will set you back a tidy $24.95, and you can pick one up in your local Lush store or on the online store if you don’t have a Big Smelly Shop near you.