Kourtney Kardashian Is Getting Hardcore Mum-Shamed For Her Latest ‘Gram

kourtney kardashian reign

Celebrity mum-shaming is nothing new but, despite repeated calls for people to stop commenting on their parenting styles, the tendency still persists.

Kourtney Kardashian is the latest celeb to cop flack from fans online after sharing a picture with her three-year-old son, Reign Disick.

The post in question went up on Kourtney’s Instagram overnight, showing the oldest Kardashian sister ticking off some life admin #poolside while soaking up the sun alongside Reign.

[jwplayer R96KTr5m]

“Christmas shopping” wrote Kourt in the caption.

With all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales going on at the moment, it makes total sense for Kourt to stock up on her festive goodies while her kids splish splosh around in the pool.

And what better way to nab a deal, and avoid the total chaos of the shopping malls, than to do the Xmas shopping from the comfort of a deckchair? Answer: none.

But haters were quick to attack the post, calling Kourtney out for her son’s appearance. Some had a problem with Reign standing next to her without a towel:

“What a little too busy then to play with your kid what? Lol” one wrote.

“Give that kid a towel!”

“Mom I’m freezing” sorry kid I have to take a picture of myself! ????????‍♀️”

“Please cut that boys hair. U do on mason I don’t get it. Sorry u didn’t have another girl but let him be a ????”

While others criticised Kourt for letting Reign grow his hair long (??!!):

“The kid is freezing damn start being a mom poor kids also cut the boy’s hair.”

“I keep thinking Reign is P. Might be time for a trim.”

Another went so far as to say:

“I love how at this point kourtney is just posting photos of her neglecting her kids.”

Jeeez, people REALLY need to let up on Kourt.

First of all, letting Reign grow his hair however he damn wants, without forcing society’s expectations on him, makes Kourtney a GOOD mum.

Second, maybe Reign got out of the pool because he wanted to be in the pic with his mum. Ever thought about that trolls? Huh?

Kourt’s fans also defended her in the comments, writing:

“I ❤️ haters. Sure he knows where to go get warm and young boys are allowed to have long hair.”

“Comments regarding innocent children are so unnecessary. He’s a little boy for goodness sake … long hair, short hair, no hair … does it really matter?”

“If the child is cold he is old enough and can articulate if he is…GET OFF HER BACK for shit sake…she is minding her own business so mind yours. The comments about his hair – so rude and unecsessary.”