Kimye Sue YouTube Co-Founder For Leaked Proposal Video

Boy meets girl. Girl marries another boy. Girl divorces other boy after 72 days. Girl and Boy date. Boy impregnates Girl. Girl makes another Girl. Girl Turns 33. Boy spends $6 million on elaborate proposal. Girl says ‘yes’. Random youtube cofounder films it, sharing the priceless moment to the adoring masses. Girl and Boy sue random youtube cofounder for sharing the priceless moment to the adoring masses, damages and tarnishing exclusive rights. ROMANCE, amirite?

Power couple with a frightening net worth but good enough sense to demand a prenup, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, are suing YouTube’s cofounder Chad Hurley for leaking the much coveted video of the couple’s proposal last month in San Francisco’s AT&T stadium. The video, which you can view here, was shared on Chad Hurley’s new video site venture, MixBit, a move that Kimye’s lawsuit claims was “out of desperation” to aid his “foundering business”. 

Evidently, Hurley doesn’t even go here/wasn’t actually invited to the proposal, rather he tagged along as a guest of a guest which sounds tenuous, dodgy as all hell and a lucrative leaked video waiting to happen. It’s fair enough that kimye have lawyered up for this one; they could have made hella more cash if it were filmed and released exclusively elsewhere, and more than anything: Hurley’s video is blurry, jolty and grainy as shit. 6 million dollar proposals deserve to look better than that. 

The lawsuit is available in full here; it’s essentially 19 pages of “thanks for ruining our day, asshole.”

Title image by Harry How/Getty Images.