Kim Kardashian And Cara Delevingne‘s Faces Appear Parallel In A Photo

Two people with faces you may be familiar with had their picture taken for The Love Magazine cover and accompanying interview. Chances are, since everyone hates the dreaded ‘clickbait’ and you have chosen to use your incredibly valuable index finger to tap down once based simply on the strength of their names, you know who these two women are.

We certainly know who Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne; h*ck, they single-handedly pay my wages. As far as I’m concerned, they the real MVPs.

You have two options: 
1. Appreciate the two faces set forth before you – they are, after all, beautiful, solid, symmetrical faces – and recognise that a significant portion of your fellow humans find the personal brand that these two women cultivate fascinating. (And this is outside of your control).

2. Complain about it in the comments.

Either way, ‘Love 13, Cara on Kim‘ is happening.

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