James Franco is a weird dude, we all know that. His eyes go weird when he smiles and he’s really into poetry, one of the weirdest things a human being can be into – but is he weird enough to headbutt a man in a cemetery? You tell me, dog.

A lawsuit is alleging that he did that very thing, specifically that he rammed his noggin into the noggin of a photographer while at a Lana Del Ray concert that was being held in a cemetery (as you do).

James Franco Is Being Sued For Headbutting A Guy In The Guts In A Cemetery

LA-based photographer David Tonnessen reckons he was pounced upon erratically behaving Franco, who snuck up behind him and biffed him with his bonce.

Apparently Franco, apropos of nothing, charged at Tonnessen with a “blank expression of joy on his face” and headbutted him full in the guts, before disappearing into the crowd. 

Tonnessen is suing Franco for assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, which is pretty brutal, but time will tell whether the courts reckon this actually happened or not.


Source: Variety.

Photo: Getty Images / Jason Merritt.