James Franco, Kim Jong-Un Get Down To Katy Perry In Final ‘The Interview’ Trailer


There’s been a lot of brew-ha-ha over the impending release of the new James Franco and Seth Rogen funny film The Interview, in which Franco plays a somewhat dimwitted TV personality who manages to score an exclusive interview with North Korea‘s supreme exulted leader Kim Jong-Un – whilst simultaneously being saddled with the task of taking him out by the CIA.

What at first looked like your average, run-of-the-mill promotion for a comedy film spiralled quickly into the realm of the bizarre when North Korea – almost predictably, like producers knew it’d happen. Hmmm… – fired back with warnings against Imperial America and it’s Hollywood propaganda arm, promising swift and furious retribution if they dared make a mockery of their leader.
Cue the standard reaction to anything North Korea says:
But far from totally backing down, the final trailer for the movie reveals the portrayal of Kim Jong-Un as being just a normal, fun-loving, knockabout sort of guy who just wants to hang out with babes, screw around with short-range artillery, and sing his guts out to Katy Perry when no one else is watching.
And really, is that so different to you and I?
The Interview was written by Dan Sterling (whose previous TV credits include The Office, Girls, The Sarah Silverman Program and The Daily Show) and was co-directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. It stars Rogen and Franco alongside Lizzy Caplan, Randall Park, Rob Lowe, Anders Holm, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Guy Fieri.
It’ll hit cinemas in Australia on January 22nd.