IKEA Is Releasing A Merch Line This Month So How Do You Say ‘Fuck Yes’ In Swedish?

Ikea merch

Fjølks, IKEA has finally unleashed its first-ever merch range here in Australia. What kind of range, you ask? Streetwear! You just know this is going to sell out big time.

The streetwear collection, Efterträda, originally made its debut in Japan last year, followed by Singapore, Thailand, and Korea, and now it’s our turn, baby!

Efterträda boasts a slew of goodies, including t-shirts, hoodies, water bottles, towels, tote bags, and key rings covered with the official IKEA logo. And to match the furniture juggernaut’s signature minimalist design, the bulk of the products come in all-white with the iconic blue and white logo.

According to IKEA, fake logo apparel is pretty popular in streetwear right now, so the team know the demand is there. I mean, remember when IKEA released those glorious bucket hats last year? I’m pretty sure that was a 2020 highlight for a lot of people (me).

“We’ve seen great excitement and demand for products like the Knorva bucket hat, so we’re very excited to be able to offer a complete and full apparel and accessories line for Australians,” IKEA Australia Business Leader Maria Langford said.

So, what’s on offer? Let’s give it a looksy.

IKEA EFTERTRÄDA t-shirt in white, $19 for non-members.

This shirt, featuring a barcode on the chest, retails for $15 for IKEA Family members. There’s also a hoodie version with the same design, which costs $49, or $39 for members.

The best part is the barcode is a nod to IKEA’s best-selling BILLY bookcase (!!!).


Looks like peak comfort, if you ask me.

Pictured: my shopping cart / IKEA.

I have too many tote bags, it’s a problem, but I want that IKEA tote bag so much. It costs $10 (eight bucks for members) and features inner pockets for your bits and bobs. The water bottle, which also comes in a sunny yellow, retails for $6 ($4.50 for members) and features a handy screw lid and handle. And the bath towel comes in at a tidy $22.50, or $18 for members. It also comes in white, if you want to keep things crisp.

If you’re keen, the fashion and accessories collection will become available in our neck of the woods (in-store and online) come May 13, 2021. In the meantime, you can browse the goodies right HERE.