Prepare your bonces, salads, domes, and noggins, IKEA is now selling a full-blown bucket hat. Yes, they’re the perfect aesthetic for your incoming spring and summer seshes, socially-distanced group costumes, and generally just hooning about like a little gremlin. And yes, they’re cheap as shit.

The flat pack kingdom has just bequeathed us, mere peasants, with a fancy new hat just in time for Prime Hoon Season. It’s called the KNORVA, and it’s made from the same bright blue gaudy plastic the iconic IKEA bags are made of.

Gaze upon these premium lids in awe and wonder.

ikea bucket hat
She’s….beautiful. (Image: IKEA)

Honestly, it’s very rude that festivals and its associated group costumes are not happening this year. I mean, as if these bad boys wouldn’t be the perfect hat to go full sesh gremlin in? Tell me I’m wrong. Say it right to my FACE, I dare you.

Much like the beloved blue bags that once carried all the unnecessary bullshit you collect on a walk through the big homewares place, which then somehow multiply and turn into moving bags within months, these hats won’t set you back more than a fiver.

The KNORVA bucket hats come in at a very tidy $3.50, which means you can definitely cop enough for yourself and your entire group chat.

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Fuck me, imagine if the first solid house party hoon we all go back to and everyone’s knocking about in one of these. It’d be stunning. It’s like a cultural reset, and possibly (read: definitely) what we deserve to own and wear in this absolute joke of a year.

Or imagine showing up to the cricket and literally everyone has one of these bastards on their skulls. I’m so here for it.

ikea bucket hat

The IKEA bucket hat truly has such powerful energy, and I can tell you right here and now that you’re gonna see them everywhere this summer.

Man, I wish IKEA made a matching Hoon Suit for the bucket hat. I’d have my summer seshware on lock then.

I guess the biggest worry here is whether it’s actually adult scone size. Like, for three bucks fifty, are we sure this isn’t for a child or maybe a very small-headed adult? Does it even matter? No. Do I already have one on the way? Abso-fucking-lutely.

So heed my warning: do not fart-ass around on this one. If you want an IKEA bucket hat, absolutely buy one. Right now. Go alert the group chat and then just chuck 10 in your shopping cart.

Image: IKEA Australia