IKEA Has Launched A Sauna-Inspired Collab With Design House Marimekko & I Already Feel Relaxed


The gods at IKEA who make those hard-to-say-out-loud product names, have launched a truly special collab with Finnish design house Marimekko.

The limited edition range is called the BASTUA collection, which means sauna (in Småland, a region in Southern Sweden where IKEA was founded) and is inspired by Nordic nature, sauna culture and self-care rituals.

The BASTUA range is so cute, I want to decorate my entire house with it. The limited-edition range uses many of  Marimekko’s signature prints that the design house has become known for.

Many of the BASTUA range can only be described as sauna-couture. Picture an adorable bucket hat, robes, big canvas bags and towels all in Marimekko’s signature print.

BASTUA car bag | $4.00
BASTUA kimono S/M leaf pattern blue | $45.00

In addition to the furniture and home accessories, the BASTUA collection also includes a range of household furniture like: a side table, lantern, a wooden bench as well as homewares like clear glasses, candles, a leaf shaped tray and water bottles. These products bring the bold patterns and colours of Marimekko into the home in a new way, and allow customers to add a touch of Finnish design to their living spaces.

BASTUA glass clear glass $6.50
BASTUA water bottle floral pattern/blue | $19.00
BASTUA side table birch veneer | $89.00

“Collaborating with Marimekko was a natural choice for IKEA as we are both committed to enabling a better everyday life at home, and with the BASTUA collection, it begins with focusing on wellness first,” Henrik Most, the Creative Leader at IKEA said of the range.

“The collaboration encapsulates the sensations of endless summers and the simple and aesthetic beauty of Nordic nature in furniture and accessories for the home.”

The collection will launch in Australia this March 2023, so you have time to sort through the catalogue and pick out all the goodies you want to splurge on.

Check out the rest of the IKEA / Marimekko range here.