Oh My Godmorgon, Pls Read This Stinky Story About Someone Shitting In An IKEA Display Dunny

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Aussie comedian Gabbi Bolt has recalled the horrific moment a shitty supervillain dropped it like it’s stinky hot and left a real Ribba in a public display toilet in an IKEA. And the worst part? People who’ve worked at other stores claimed it wasn’t an uncommon thing for customers to do-do. 

Bolt revealed the smelly story on a recent episode of Marty Smiley and Nat Damena’s Housewarming podcast.

She said she was working downstairs in the market hall at an IKEA store at the time. Her manager came downstairs to talk to her about something. But then her manager got a call and was told to come upstairs because there was a “situation”.

“She was gone for four hours,” Bolt recalled.

“I didn’t see her. I didn’t know what happened because we weren’t allowed to talk to each other.”

Her manager eventually came downstairs but looked “white as a sheet”. As if she had seen some shit.

“She just went, ‘the emergency was in the display bathroom’,” Bolt recalled.

“Someone had used one of the display bathrooms like a full Kath and Kim situation. Someone had used one of the display toilets in the showroom upstairs.”

Oh, my Godmorgon. Right in front of my TOKIG salad spinner? Absolutely Äpplarö behaviour from old Stinky there.

Bolt told Smiley and Damena she assumed it was a kid that did it. But her boss then told her: “Not. A. Kid.”

“I don’t know whether they caught the person or whether they caught the evidence,” Bolt added.

“Judging by how white as a sheet she was, I’m assuming it was just the evidence.”

“I left work that day happy I worked downstairs.”

Smiley and Damena shared a video of Bolt’s story in an Instagram Reel on the Housewarming account.

Viewers who worked at IKEA in the past then claimed they had a similar thing happen to them at their stores.

“We had several incidents like this at our store, people are gross,” said one user.

“Several incidents?” In one (1) store? Odensvik, give me strength.

“When I worked at one, we caught a grown man squatting with his pants down in the trolley chute having just left an absolute mess,” added another ex-IKEA worker.

“There are also security cameras everywhere and unfortunately it’s mostly not children when it happens.”

You can hear about Gabbi Bolt’s second-hand shituation below.