Not long after Donald Trump coined the ‘nasty women’ tagline – which has backfired massively as actual women have claimed it as a term of empowerment – a dude in Rhode Island has voiced his disgust at having to look at women in yoga pants in a letter to his local paper. 

This absolute flog said that yoga pants are the worst thing to happen to fashion since the mini skirt, but backed it up by saying that they “look adorable…on young girls who have the benefit of nature’s blessing of youth.” Uh, gross, dude. 

His issue begins at the point where women start “coping poorly with their weight, or advancing age” (ugh mate, stop), and said it’s no better than when dudes wear budgie smugglers to the shops – which we have to endure ALL THE TIME without complaining. 

So the yoga pants-wearing community of Rhode Island took action is what’s probably the best way possible – and all donned their ~activewear~ to silently parade past the old dickhead’s place.

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a great day to be a woman #yogapantsparade

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Dubbed the #YogaPantsParade, the snap protest drew literally hundreds of people in their best exercise pants to walk excruciatingly slowly through the streets and past the house of this A-grade idiot, who simply responded with this moronic sign, promoting free speech. 

Source: SMH.

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Hundreds Protest One Bloke’s Gross Sexism With Massive ‘Yoga Pants Parade’