House Of Cards Likely To Fold After Season Two

The groundbreaking drama that will forever be cited as the turning point for TV Shows moving to streaming services and actually working Kevin Spacey’s Judgemental Face House Of Cards is likely to fold after its currently in-production second season.

According to Indiewire, “House of Cards’ is only going to go a second season and I think that’s it,” said Producer Rick Cleveland, “Kevin Spacey likes to do movies and Robin Wright likes to do movies.”

As we know, House of Cards has been straying from the television rule book since Day 1, when it recognised that viewers’ insatiable binge-watching habits were perhaps something to take note of, and released the entire season on Netflix in one sweet hit.  Cancelling its own successful run—House of Cards picked up 3 out of its 9 Emmy nominations this year—would certainly be a bold move of axing a story before it spirals down from its peak. When jumping the shark is a noted regular of TV Shows in the industry today, the move would be a demonstration of admirable restraint. 

In any case, if calling House of Cards to an end in any capacity frees up Kevin Spacey’s time to film another career-defining American Beauty, then we can’t help but support this decision. R.I.P, distribution-challenging television. 

Via Indiewire.