Netflix Officially Confirms ‘House of Cards’ Season 4

Netflix’s stalwart political thriller ‘House of Cards‘ will be ruining your life for the fourth time round, as the show creator’s have officially green-lit a fourth series. Loins have been appropriately girded while we count the unspecified days.

House of Cards writer Beau Willimon confirmed that the renewal of ‘House of Cards’ was inevitable as we all imagined, as the writers have “been secretly writing for months” on the fourth season. 

For April Fool’s Day, Barack Obama got in the spirit, with a brief [and, Frankly, terrible] impression of Spacey’s expertly crafted Frank Underwood, saying:

“Hello everybody, this is not Frank Underwood, this is Barack Obama. Happy April Fool’s Day. Frank learned it from me.” 


Watch Obama’s attempt at mimicking the man below. Even Kevin Spacey wondered on Twitter, “was it April Fool’s Day or something much darker that got #POTUS to internalize Frank?” 

Watch [at 3:58] below.