Gwyneth Paltrow Helps Design Rapper Tribute Clutches, Confuses Us All

High Priestess of Goop-dom, Gwyneth Paltrow, never ceases to amaze confuse us.

In the latest instalment of Shit Gwyneth Does That Can’t Be Explained, she’s teamed up with designer Edie Parker to create two limited-edition clutches plastered with the nicknames of her favourite rappers.
That’s right: when she’s not preaching #cleaneating and trying but failing to live like a poor person, Gwyneth loves nothing more than leaning back to the likes of Notorious B.I.G, Tupac Shakur, Eminem and Jay-Z

Here she is rocking out at Hov’s 2012 NYE concert at NYC‘s Barclay’s Center:

Now you know she’s into the rap-game, it should come as less of a shock that she specially-commissioned said ‘Flavia‘ clutches to sell on her lifestyle website for US$1,695 a pop. No? Ok.
In any case, one of the clutches bears “Hov” on one side and a very shiny “Shady” on the other. Because gold sparkles ~so~ capture Eminem’s vibe.
The second clutch pays homage to Biggie and Tupac, or ‘Pac’ if you’re as down with him as Gwyneth:
Incase you’re still not totally sold on Gwyneth’s being chill with rap stars, here she is telling Ellen DeGeneres that her two kids with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin are so comfortable around Jay-Z (and Bey) that they call him ‘Uncle Jay’: 

Gwyneth may love her some ’90s hip-hop but, as the folks at Refinery29 rightly point out, would a true fan pit Jay-Z and Eminem against each other on the same clutch, much less Biggie and Tupac?
Correctness aside, appaz Kanye is pretty devo/confused he’s been left out in the cold.