Go-To Has Dropped A New Juicy Cleanser & My Skincare Routine’s Never Looked Peachier, Y’all 

Go-To Skincare Juicy Gel
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Wake the fuck up, babe. Today’s a jolly good day to be alive. Why? Well, a) we’re T-minus one day until the start of Spring (booyah!) and b) the legends over at Go-To Skincare have come in absolute clutch with a brand-spankin’ new gel cleanser.

Sitting pretty alongside its other cult-faves including the Properly Clean (mousse), double cleansing best-seller, Fancy Face (oil), Go-To has just added Juicy gel to its well-loved collection.

Considering it’s named ‘Juicy‘, it’s only fair we give you the full squeeze on what TF it is and how you can get your hands on it, right? Right!

What TF is Go-To’s Juicy Cleanser?

This delicious lil’ concoction is jam-packed (and I mean JAM-packed) with skin-loving ingredients like cucumber extract to hydrate and plump the skin, lotus root water to soothe and calm, aloe vera to help prevent flaking or dryness and jojoba esters that’ll give your face that freshly-washed feeling. The best part? It doesn’t leave you with that awful facial tightness that other cleansers are notorious for.

For all our sensitive skin baddies out there, it’s also worth noting Juicy is as gentle on the skin barrier as they come, so you should be sweet to add it to your beauty bag. Just always do a lil’ test patch first.

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Go-To Juicy Cleanser, $39

How to use Go-To’s Juicy Gel Cleanser?

If you’re someone who does their skincare the minute their eyes open, firstly, tell me your secrets and secondly, make sure Juicy is the first step in your skincare routine to remove all the sweaty remnants of the night before. You simply massage a small amount into damp skin for 60 seconds or so before rinsing with warm water. Then, you’re sweet to chuck on your toners, moisturisers, primers or makeup afterwards.

If you prefer to hit the skincare hard right before bed (hello, glazed doughnut), Juicy is fkn awesome for double cleansing the day away. We’d recommend using it as a second cleanser (following an oil or balm cleanser) to remove stubborn makeup and SPF before going in with your other exfoliants, treatment products, serums, oils, and night cream. Thank us later.

How much will Go-To’s Juice Gel Cleanser set ya back?

Go-To’s new Juicy Cleaner retails at $39, which is pretty solid for a non-drugstore gel cleanser. Check out the Go-To Skincare website for all the dirty deets and where to purchase here.

Now, Go forth, friends and squeeze the day – as Go-To would say.