First Look Rad By Rad Hourani

As the heir apparent to Gareth Pugh’s androgynous school of futurism and Rick Owens’ directional goth-chic, Rad Hourani the young stylist-turned-designer tempts cash-strapped fashion lovers everywhere with his new diffusion line Rad By Rad Hourani.

Speaking with Hourani explained the key differences between his mainline and the cheaper more accessible diffusion line: ‘In the main line, we use leather, cashmere, and all of these luxury, high-end fabrics…This is just more relaxed and easier to wear in cotton and jerseys.’

Materials aside, the 15 looks on offer (photographed above by Jak and Jil’s Tommy Ton) still retain the razor sharp detailing, gender ambiguity and muted colour palette for which Hourani is known. Aspects which should appeal to club kids, stylists and those sickeningly synchronous, jealousy-inducing couples whose similar body size and sartorial disposition result in wardrobe pooling. So girls, if you find yourself borrowing hubby’s suit jacket and guys, if you find yourself pilfering your lady’s shirt dresses Rad By Rad Hourani is the chicest twofer available.

Would it be cheesy to say Rad lives up to his name completely? No? Cool. and jak and Jil