First Look: Elke Kramer – Look Twice Summer 09/10

Titled Look Twice Elke Kramer’s Summer 09/10 collection of pendants, bracelets, rings and necklaces will have you double-taking the shopfront window, then your wallet, then every mirror you walk past – or maybe that’s just cash-strapped narcissists like us.

Intrigued by the notion of secrets, deception and trickery (symbolized by a †mesmorized eye’ motif), Kramer uses hidden stones and secret detailing on the inside of bracelets and rings to remind wearers to “look twice”, explore the details, find hidden meaning and inspect their world more closely.

The pieces come in a range of colours ranging from pastel peaches and jades to mottled corals and marble and are constructed with Kramer’s staple materials – laser cut acrylics and resins and for the first time semi-precious stones and precious stones and metals. There is a look book in the works but for now we’ll leave you with the following product shots to drool over.

Images via Elle Kramer’s Website