First Look At Miss Vogue Australia’s Inaugural Issue Revealed

From the beads of sweat that have made their unwelcome appearance on your neck, and inflamed allergies that have made you take to the warm embrace of antihistamines like a long lost lover, you’re probably aware that Spring has sprung. And there’s perhaps no better way to march in to a new season and move on from Winter—which global warming seems to have cheekily and underwhelmingly forgotten about—than to indulge in the gorgeous, inaugrual issue of Miss Vogue Australia, hitting stands today.

As we said last month when the offshoot to its glamorous, flashy older sister was announced, it’s an incredibly exciting and promising thing to see a new print publication be launched among the increasingly populated Glossy Graveyard, where Gutenberg is all but turning in his grave. Despite its Spring release date, Miss Vogue Australia is thankfully straying from the same old, adhering to its signature theme ‘Bright Young Things’, to focus on impressive young ladiez that are propelling their careers forward at an alarming rate. With three major interviews from Janelle Monáe, Iggy Azalea and Lorde, Miss Vogue Australia is providing a welcome shift in the fashion magazine landscape, with each interview preaching the power of females in their industries and promoting an approachable feminist discourse. As Mrs Carter once said, “Who run the world? Girls.” Satisfyingly, this kind of thing is groundbreaking in the industry.

Some of the Power To The People Gurls that the three major interviewees preach in the first issue deserves standing ovations: Lorde says,“It’s pretty natural for people to put female musicians into a category; like this one sounds like this other female musician. So I think to an extent people expect me to sound a certain way, which is why I like to keep it a bit different sometimes.”

Iggy Azaela knows exactly what’s up in her interview: “I shouldn’t have to wear a padded bra or get a boob job to be beautiful. It’s important that people have a healthy image of women being powerful and having different body shapes and types.”

And Janelle Monáe is just flawless, stahp: “I’ve always been a champion for women and women’s rights, and Erykah (Badu) being a part of it, she’s such a strong force in the community. Our personal conversations and dialogue inspired all the thought – provoking questions in Q.U.E.E.N. And (it’s) not just for women. I think men can jam to it, too; it’s not a segregated type of song, it’s about unity.”

Take a peek inside the lovely pages of the first issue and download the exclusive Miss Vogue app here.