First Look At City Style’s Sydney Section

City Style: A Field Guide to Global Fashion Capitals is a forthcoming style bible which comprehensively profiles all those sartorial hot spots we dream of one day living in: New York, Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo, Stockholm, L.A. and Sydney. Wait, we do live in Sydney. It’s alright I guess what with all the perennial Summertime vibes and proximity to the beach but that Stockholm, now there’s a city I could one day aspire to live in should a future version of myself possess the money or inclination to do so.

The guides are curated and written by stylish denizens of each respective metropolis and alongside Laia Garcia of Geometric Sleep (NYC) freelance fashion show Producer Lauren Drablier (Paris), Fabiana Fierotti and Ilaria Norsa of PIG magazine (Milan), Dan Bailey of Tokyo Dandy (Tokyo, obviously) and Flaunt’s Maxwell Williams (LA) sits former Oyster Editor-in-Chief turned freelance writer/stylist Paul Bui who has not only penned the Sydney section but offered Pedestrian a sneak peek at its contents.

City Style: A Field Guide to Global Fashion Capitals is out October 2010 check out some sneak peeks below…

Disclaimer: This post is in no way affected by Pedestrian’s inclusion in Bui’s list of must-read blogs. Though we’re flattered (obviously) and wholeheartedly concur with his shortlist of required online reading.

Title Image by Cameron Spencer via Getty