What The Heck Is Wicking? Fancy, Tech-y Fitness Gear Material Explained

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Understanding the fancy tech you’ll find in your fitness gear can be totally overwhelming – what does “Polygiene®” mean really? What does all this stuff actually do?

It’s just one of a handful of terms for fitness-wear-tech we’ve been trying to get our heads around – because if we’re going to throw our hard-earned dosh at a thing, we wanna know exactly what it is we’re getting, not just a bunch of technical terms (who do you think I am, a scientist?).

So today feels like as good a day as any to break the material down and explain a bunch of fitness wear terms that have been floating around for yonks with no explanation.


Polygiene® is a branded fabric treatment designed to keep you smellin’ FRESH. Yep, Polygiene® stops your post-gym-sesh stench smells from revolting your mates by breaking down the bacteria that cause your body odour.

Yr m8s, overpowered by yr stank.

Buying Polygiene®-treated fitness gear means you don’t have to wash your activewear after every sesh, which in turns mean it’ll will last longer. And then, when you have worn it out, you can recycle it and start the whole process over again. Good for the environment, good for you.

Moisture wicking

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Moisture wicking fabric like recycled polyester reduces sweating, drawing all that excess moisture away from your body to the exterior of your sweet outfit, helping it to evaporate away. Which’ll keep you cooler and with dry(ish) pits for longer when you’re on a massive run or in the middle of a y’huge workout.

Not a problem for you anymore.  

All-way flex

Aka four-way flex. Your threads’ll stretch left and right and up and down – meaning you can be the flexible yoga guru you were always meant to be, instead of being constrained in your movements by tight clothes that could tear if you squat too low. Your fitness gear will literally move in whatever direction you need keeping you whoopsy-free.

Easily avoided. 

Recycled polyester

The yarn in recycled polyester is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) – the chemical compound that makes up plastic water and soft drink bottles, as well as medicine and peanut butter jars. Yep, you’re wearing a shirt made out of recycled Coke bottles, what even. Recycled polyester is still heaps comfy, with a soft feel. BONUS: it’s good for the turtles/whales/environment.



If you dump the seams from clothes, you reduce chafing- just one reason I’ve given up mid-workout. Because it bloody hurts, and I do not have time for that. These so-called seamless seams are designed to move with your body to keep you comfy, rather than sticking to ya.

Me re: chafing. 

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