I only got into the gym late last year, but since starting boxing and HIIT training I’ve become obsessed. Still, I struggled to get along more than twice a week – work/life/dating/staring at the wall got in the way. But like many of you guys, now I’m in self isolation indefinitely, online fitness has become the norm as gyms shut down and outdoor classes become seriously limited.

The hardest hit are the small businesses – but even the big guns are copping it. Remember, people still work for major companies, so when their gym shuts down they usually lose their jobs in the process.

So to help folks out – you, and your abs/guns/butt, and small businesses who really need support right now – I asked friends, colleagues and randoms for the online fitness classes they’re committing to in self isolation.

1. Fit1

This Sydney based gym focuses on boxing and HIIT training, and while they were doing 45 minute group fitness classes, the closure of indoor gyms has moved them online.

They’ll be offering online classes from Tuesday, March 31st for $29 a week. The best bit? The classes will be 15 minutes long, so you can do them morning and night to reboot your bod after being a couch potato all day.

2. Peaches Pilates

Multiple people recommended this pilates studio that specialises in online classes. There are options for courses, like The OG which is priced at $139 and includes 7 workouts plus all the gear you need sent to you. You get to keep the classes even when you leave Peaches, so it makes the higher price tag worth it, no?

3. Dance Central

One of Sydney’s most loved dance studios is going online after COVID-19 restrictions forced the closure of their space. For those in the know, this judgement-free, all-skill-sets studio does some MEAN routines and is the perfect boredom antidote. They aren’t operating yet, but they’re close. Watch this space.

4. Coffs Coast Health Club

Another fitness studio moving everything online, your digi membership here includes home workouts, plus recipes and online support.

5. Barre Body

Barre Body already had an online class option, but now they’re ramped it up significantly. For $25 a month you get access to their whole library of workouts, and it gets cheaper if you commit to six or twelve month options.

Obviously we don’t have ballet barres in our homes, but their workouts utilise your natural space so you can still plie with ease.

6. FluidForm Pilates

I’ve been a Fluidform At Home fan for a year now – owner Kirsten King leads the online workouts, and you’ll love AND hate her as she destroys your body in the best way, while smiling through the workouts herself. Chaos. $49 a month gets you all your home gear like resistance bands and sliders, plus access to the workouts.

7. CrossFit

Crossfit fan? You’re already across their home workouts then. For those NOT in the know – these guys have created customised workouts using stuff from around your house like jugs of water (!!!) to get you strong from your lounge room.

Even better, CrossFit Sydney is doing full home workouts – you just have to get in touch via their socials.

8. The Groove Spot

A wholesome, welcoming dance studio, The Groove Spot has taken classes online. For a small donation, you have access to a wealth of videos to keep you moving at home during self isolation.

9. One Hot Yoga

One of the most well-loved yoga studios has also gone online, with classes free at the moment but likely to require subscription down the track to ensure the business continues to thrive.

10. HIPE Athletic

The HIIT, boxing and yoga company HIPE Athletic has two studios, but also a thriving online side to their business. Sign up for equipment-free workouts for home.

11. Fitness Playground

Fitness Playground began six years ago, and their luxe indoor gyms became super hyped and well loved for intense workouts. Now, they’ve announced they’ll be going online in the near future. Watch this space.

12. UpCycle

Spin class? At home? Hell yeah. If you have a spin bike or feel like investing in one, this extremely adored spin company are now holding live classes – just log in and join others working out.

13. Modo Yoga

More online yoga! Modo are allowing access to their online classes for free if you already have a membership with them, but newbies can do $30 per session if they just want to suss.

14. Room For Movement Pilates

These guys have online classes on lock – rather than do your pilates alone, these are virtual. You log in, and you can watch in real time and exercise along at home. Feels like a nice, social way to do it, no?

Image: Fitness Playground