13 Online Fitness Classes To Try Out Now That Gladys Says Your Outdoor Boot Camp Is Illegal

Online Fitness classes

A full explainer on all the new restrictions for Greater Sydney can be found HERE, but in terms of exercise, limits have been reduced from 10 to just groups of two (unless you’re from the same household) with a 10km travel limit as of 5pm this evening. Goodbye, IRL exercise, hello, online fitness classes!

Sure, you can technically go outside to train, but with Sydney’s weather looking grim just in time for this harder lockdown, it’s the perfect opportunity to stay home and do online fitness classes instead.

We’ve rounded up a bunch of good’uns — some free, some you gotta fork out for — so you can stay active in lockdown. You’ve got this, Sydney.

Online Fitness Classes To Keep You Going In Lockdown:

1. Peaches Pilates

Multiple people recommended this pilates studio that specialises in online classes. Right now it’s priced at $19.99 for a month or $119.99 for the year. When you join, you get instant access to a bunch of workout videos to do at home, and yes there are plenty of no-equipment options if you missed out on buying dumbbells in this lockdown.

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2. FitON

FitON is a free app that has loads of workouts from celebrity trainers. As one of my workmates, Marli, put it: “Having the mean girl from Bring It On yell “YOUR BUTT HAS ALWAYS BEEN SEXY I’M JUST MAKING YOU OWN IT!!!!” through my phone is truely top tier motivation.” Head to the app store to get it for yourself.

3. Keep it Cleaner

Instagram health lords Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshall‘s KIC is a super popular online fitness programme that you can easily do at home. There’s HIIT, boxing and strength elements to their programme as well as running and meditation. It costs $19.50 per month, or there’s a 3 month subscription for $49.50 (15% off) and a 12 month subscription for $115 (over 50% off). My colleague Alex said that last year, they offered free classes too, so follow their Insta to see if they do it again this time around.

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4. Barre Body

Barre Body already had an online fitness class option, but now they’re ramped it up significantly. Starting at $30 per month you can access live classes or over 300 fitness videos from their archive.

Obviously we don’t have ballet barres in our homes, but their workouts utilise your natural space so you can still plie with ease.

5. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app has heaps of free online fitness content you can access at home. Workouts range from 15-45 min and there’s one for every area of the body: think abs, arms, shoulders, glutes and legs. And if you feel like getting out of the house, give the Nike Run Club app a go and work up your running endurance.

6. FluidForm Pilates

I’ve been a Fluidform At Home fan for a year now – owner Kirsten King leads the online workouts, and you’ll love AND hate her as she destroys your body in the best way, while smiling through the workouts herself. Chaos. Starting at $30 a month, you’ll get you all your home gear like resistance bands and sliders, plus access to 150+ workouts.

7. CrossFit

Crossfit fan? You’re already across their online fitness classes then. For those NOT in the know – these guys have created customised workouts using stuff from around your house like jugs of water (!!!) to get you strong from your lounge room.

8. HIPE Athletic

The HIIT, boxing and yoga company HIPE Athletic has two studios, but also a thriving online fitness side to their business. Sign up for equipment-free workouts for home — there’s loads of pre-recorded workouts available and will likely be live sessions soon, watch this space!

9. Yoga with Adriene

Beloved YouTube yogi Adriene Mishler (and her dog, Benji) saved many people during 2020’s “iso” period, and the good new is they’re here to save us again in 2021. Just head to her channel for loads of free yoga videos to do in the comfort of your own trackpants.

10. Sydney Dance Company

While they usually offer in-studio classes, Sydney Dance Company is currently rolling with the pandemic times and offering a whole library of online fitness dance classes on demand. Head HERE to check out the selection, which includes dance styles like ballet, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap, plus yoga and body conditioning, with new classes added each week. It’s priced at $29.95 per month, $79.95 for 3 months or $199 for 12 months.

11. Centr

Our own Chris Hemsworth founded this online fitness app, which he’s stocked with workout from his actual trainer Luke Zocchi, his stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton, plus a load of other celeb trainers and fitness experts. There’s heaps of workouts available, all between 10-60 minutes, with levels from beginner to advanced. My colleague Kairavi highly recommends the yoga and meditation classes!

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12. UpCycle

Spin class? At home? Hell yeah. If you have a spin bike or feel like investing in one, this extremely adored spin company are now holding live classes – just log in and join others working out.

13. Les Mills On Demand

Another app-based online fitness platform, Les Mills On Demand takes all those classics from the gym — Body Attack, Body Combat, Body Pump, etc — and allows you to access 1000+ workout vids at home. Perfect for the situation we’re in RN.