Facehunter Launches Book

In a recent interview with Pedestrian, Scott Schuman described the modus operandi of his peers as young people shooting other young people. It wasn’t a compliment.

Yvan Rodic, it could be argued, exclusively shoots young people and does for baby faced club kids what Schuman does for septuagenarian Italian men – places them on a digital pedestal. Offerings to be admired or devoured as the style hungry masses see fit. It’s actually kind of Gladiatorial in that respect.

Much like Schuman, Rodic has also parlayed the success of his street style blog The Facehunter into a book deal which he describes as “a selection of more than 300 pictures and a few commentaries.”

Here’s the first look.

Pre-order “FAcehunter” by Yvan Rodic here.