The Facehunter Gets Rejected In New York

The “job” of Yvan Rodic, known round these parts (the internet) as style blogger The Face Hunter, entails shooting hip young people on the streets of the world – hence the reason for our use of inverted commas to imply that “job” is a term to be used loosely. Hunting down well dressed babes in cosmopolitan cities doesn’t exactly sound like the toughest gig, right? However, his short film (below) which has Rodic hunting down new subjects at New York Fashion Week demonstrates that snapping hip kids to place them on a digital pedestal it isn’t necessarily as effortless as it seems. Swiss-born Rodic talks about his rejection capacity (“around 10%”), and the compelling concept of how style blogs have become a powerful broker for individuals’ personal branding.

Facehunter Takes Manhattan on

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