Cult Fashion Label Everlane Is Slinging Up To 50% Off & That’s Your Winter Basics Sorted

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2020 has been a collective kick in the teeth for the entire world so far and online shopping has been the only thing keeping our sanity intact. Luckily for Aussies, lockdown has mostly taken place during winter which means huddling inside and not getting slapped in the face by harsh winds. While we’ve been spending most of this year donning tracksuits and going shoeless, it’s nice to update our winter wardrobe on the rare occasions we do leave the house. 

If you’ve been promising not to spend any more savings on clothes then it’s best to avert your eyes because Everlane are slinging up to 50% off their range. Our eyes are quite literally the love heart emoji right now because the Everlane sale collection is doing all kinds of right. 


Besides making you look schmick, Everlane are just straight up legends when it comes to ethical fashion. The brand employs this cool concept called ‘radical transparency’ which basically means they won’t lie to your face about where your clothes are made/who made them – that kinda thing. Unlike the days of yore, we want to actually feel good about the stuff we’re buying and less like Cruella De Vil trying to make a coat from puppies. Trust us, it’s an even greater rush clicking ‘add to cart’ when you know the company isn’t a sack of shit.

Everlane’s gear is also really high-quality which means you won’t be sewing up a hole in the crotch two weeks in. When you shop from these guys, you know you’re forking out cash for things that’ll actually last. You could buy a bunch of cheaply made clothes you need to replace every month or you could invest in a few high-quality pieces that’ll probably live longer than you. 

If you’re keen to look good and feel even better about your fashion choices, now’s the time to invest. But enough yapping – go and check it out for yourself. Better yet, feast your eyes on our top 11 picks from the Everlane sale that’ll see you keep you looking spiffy ‘til 2040 (or thereabouts). 

The Chore Pant in Dark Navy, $114 down to $69
Clean Silk Short Sleeve Notch Shirt in Atlantic Blue, $128 down to $90
The Re: Down Reversible Puffer, $260 down to $130
The Kick Crop Jean in Black, $114 down to $69
The French Terry Hoodie in Dried Thyme, $99 down to $64
The Mini Form Bag in Black, $277 down to $166
everlane sale
The ReCashmere Button Mockneck, $143 down to $86 
The Chore Overshirt in Slate, $110 down to $78
everlane sale
The Reconstructed Denim Skirt in Indigo Wash, $85 down to $65
The Lightweight French Terry Crew in Black, $66 down to $43
The Chore Jacket in Bone, $99 down to $70