I love anything involving a waitlist. If I see a queue in the street outside ANY cafe, my interest is firmly piqued. So when I heard cult US brand Everlane had a 33,000 person long waitlist for their new leggings, I was like… get me in on this.

The brand often garners waitlists for it’s new products, because Everlane has made a name for itself by producing perfect wardrobe basics that work across a multitude of styles. Still 33,000 is a LOT of people hanging out for a new pair of leggings. I had to see what the fuss was about.

The pair I tried were in the Brandy Rose colour. I had a Small and a Medium to choose between, and ended up finding the Medium fit best. I’m a size 10, if that helps you should you wanna make a purchase.

I Tried These Hyped Leggings That Have An Insane 33,000 Person Wait List

The leggings retail at $85, which is pricey but not when you consider the cost of other luxe athleisure brands like lululemon, The Upside and Nimble Activewear, all of which I love deeply.

My first impression was that they fit like a glove. Super, super comfy – a sort of lycra-vibe material, not the soft super-breathable vibes of my lululemon Align leggings, but not claustrophobic either. Great for sport, basically.

I wore them for a long walk with my dog and loved the full-length style, I hate cropped leggings. I also felt like I was wearing nothing at all (nothing at all, nothing at all).

I Tried These Hyped Leggings That Have An Insane 33,000 Person Wait List

The cut is similar to the lululemon Align in that there are plenty of flattering seams that cut in all the right places. Leggings without seams always make me feel like every lump/bump is on display, and fuck it – shouldn’t sports gear make you feel like hot shit 100% of the time? I think so. This inspires me to do fitness things, tbh.

Now, a downside – my pair were see-through. not massively so, but I had black undies on and you could see them through the back, especially if I bent over. I can’t say for sure but I don’t think the darker colours would do this, but it’s something to know in advance. It wasn’t like the material was too thin, I think it might have just been that the Brandy Rose material wasn’t conducive to black knickers.

Would I buy? Hell yeah – I’d go the black or the gunmetal colour to avoid the see-through business, but considering they’re way cheaper than other high-performance leggings, I’d definitely spend cash on the Everlane ones.