Doc Martens Hooks Up With Raf Simons And Yohji Yamamoto

Judging from the proliferation of Doc Martens stomping around certain inner-city suburbs, it’s safe to assume the Goth staple is fast approaching Converse All-Star levels of ubiquity. How then you may ask, can discerning style connoisseurs distance themselves from the hoi polloi? Fret not unique snowflakes, Uncle Raf and Uncle Yohji are here to help.

Inspired by American Minimalist Carl Andre, Raf Simons transports the humble Doc to the year 3000 with a metallic upper in Silver and Gold. Yohji Yamamoto on the other hand offers a more pastoral take by mixing Tweed with premium leather. And finally Doc Martens’ in-house team offers a Croc leather incarnation perfect for robbing banks and kicking down doors.

With the options above you can be a Doc Martens wearer and individual at the same time. All together now! I am a unique and beautiful snowflake.

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