Here, Have $20 Off This Homegrown Activewear That Will Get Thy Tush Moving & Operating

dk activewear
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Like the rest of the world, I lived the last two years wearing nothing but activewear essentially. Naturally, most of it has fallen apart because I’m a skint bish who is still learning the good brands from the shoddy ones. Now there’s nothing to wear for actual… exercise. It’s an endless battle! Enter: Brisbane-born label dk activewear.

Not only is it made in our great southern land, but it’s also committed to environmentally responsible designs, ethical practices and inclusivity — with its size range catering for sizes 6 to 24.

dk active
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Danielle Kay started dk activewear in 2017.  “At the beginning, my desire was to create a product range that was really comfortable and promoted confidence to women, regardless of their size,” she explained.

“Waistbands that were high enough, crops that were more supportive, and tanks that weren’t too clingy…” Danielle continued.

dk Lay-Up Crop ($79.95), dk Offense Tight 7/8 (109.95)

“I didn’t feel that there was something that accommodated all sizes that had a fashionable edge, yet having durability and everyday wearability.”

Another appealing factor is that dk activewear’s not just for working out, with plenty of loungewear and everyday choices just for chilling as well. It’s good to have alternative WFH options that won’t make me feel guilty if I don’t wind up at the gym that day, which is often.

dk activewear
dk Side Swipe Tee ($74.95), dk Millie Cotton Short ($74.95)

And because everyone loves guilt-free living unless it removes carbs from your life, dk activewear ensures that it meets all Australian standards for ethical clothing manufacturing. This is something Danielle committed to after witnessing manufacturers’ working conditions firsthand.

Alright, now for the business end. You can currently cop $20 off any dk order over $50, which, once you see their full range, will be mighty easy to achieve. Just use the code ACTIVE20 at the checkout, and you’re golden – the money will come right off.

Happy shopping!