Creative Cities Asks How We Can Improve Urban Centres

Jess Scully batters my self-esteem in the best possible way. As the Artistic Director of the Creative Sydney Festival, Creative Director of the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards, Editor of Fashion bi-annual SummerWinter and interview editor of the Hijacked book series, Scully is the type of multi-tasker who makes me feel lazy, unaccomplished and small. The type of hardworking, mutli-talented creative that spurs your own productivity through a weird reverse schadenfreude. We’re almost positive she subscribes to Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Ultrashort Sleep Strategy” or has perfected clone technology.

Anyway, Scully, (in conjunction with The British Council) has recently unveiled her latest project Creative Cities a celebration and exploration of all things urban. The project asks “How can we ensure that the qual­ity of our lives – and of our envir­on­ments – keeps improv­ing in this cen­tury of the city? By nur­tur­ing the dis­tinct­ive iden­tity and per­son­al­ity of the cre­at­ive city, we can help as many people as pos­sible to think, plan and act cre­at­ively, to grasp oppor­tun­it­ies and solve prob­lems inventively.”

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