5 Expert-Level Tips To Up Your Gift-Giving Skills Cos No One Wants Another Candle, Marjorie

gift giving tips

There’s something about giving a gift that makes you feel like the best person ever. Sorry Mother Theresa, but I’m feeling pretty high and mighty. But you know what could give you a bigger ego? Tips to get even bettererer. So I asked the best gift givers in my life for their secret tips. And lemme tell you, they did not disappoint, so I will be stealing them all.

There’s nothing more disappointing than a bad gift. Where you can just tell they haven’t even tried, when you’ve personally gone out of your way for them. I remember when I surprised my friend with tickets to her favourite band and she got me ice cream. BTW: I’m lactose intolerant. So let’s find out how to give good gifts, shall we?

“As long as it’s not just money, that would be lazy.”

Now hear me out on this one, as she’s not wrong. What do we really want? Money. But the problem is that cash lacks a personal touch. Which is why money-themed presents are the key.

For example, Instant Scratch-Its tickets, which you can personalise for birthdays, thank-yous and even congratulatory gifts. Whatever your budget calls for, including tickets as low as $1 up to $20, or a gift pack to make them feel really special. Plus, they’ll be in a state of suspense, given the amount of money they could potentially win.

2. “I tend to keep notes of things people mention in passing that they love,” Bree

“One of my friends mentioned the other day that she keeps forgetting her earplugs at work and really should get a second pair. Her birthday was two weeks later so I ordered her a second pair and gifted it to her with some other goodies. She was stoked!”

Wait, this is so cute. BRB, just gonna go start a list with all my family and friends on it.

Bree: Surfboard

Is it a coded burn book or an actual wish list? They’ll never know.

3. “Don’t be scared to ask them what they want,” Courtney

“I think asking someone to create a wishlist is great. Cuts through ambiguity and also helps people with budgets.”

For some reason, there’s such a stigma around gift-giving. If my friend had actually asked what I like, I would’ve told her lactose-free icecream brands instead. All they have to do is tell you their interests and you can deduce from there, so it can still be a surprise.

Me, 1.

Friend, 0.

4. “I tend to give gifts that lean into friends’ hobbies,” Jasmine

“But are still super useful. E.g. my boyfriend is a surfer, so I tend to buy him things like good quality sunscreen, fins, leg ropes, board socks/covers, etc.”

Wait, people actually have hobbies? Where do I get one… but this is actually a great idea. Who doesn’t feel appreciated when someone notices your likes and then acts on it?

Remind me to get a good gift for her.

5. “Start a gifting group chat,” Chris

“One of my friend’s girlfriend has a group chat with me and another mate where she asks us for advice + we chuck in stuff he’s mentioned to us.”

NOW THIS is bonding. Is anyone else wondering if our partner is in a secret group chat with our mates now? I guess we’ve gotta be the change we want to see when we get a gift.

Now you can go off into the world and give better gifts than Santa Claus. If you remember anything from this article, Instant Scratch-Its tickets are always a hit and super easy to get. Because we’ve all been there, running around for a last-minute present. And who knows? If they win, they might even treat you to a gift.