Chronicles Of Never Leaves The Dark Side

i don’t know about you but Poltergeist scared the shit out of me so the new campaign from Sydney label Chroniclesofnever is kind of disconcerting. The Spring/Summer 2010/11 collection is called INTØ THE VØIDED and most noticeably it’s the first to eschew from their signature monochrome pallette.

According to designer Gareth Moody the collection took inspiration from various sources “firstly a departure from the dark. Secondly, inspired by Yves Klein’s image “Le Saut dans le vide” (“The Leap Into The Void”), the range is somewhat of a leap of faith for Chroniclesofnever, a movement into a new creative space a new direction in fabrications and silhouettes and color, earth tones, olives, khakis, browns, burnt reds, the color pallet pays homage to the earth tones.”

Chroniclesofnever had a hard time finding the right model to portray the brand for the season so they decided to cut out the middle man (or woman) from the images in the lookbook below. What’s left is the creepy floating body cast in Chroniclesofnever garb.