Cheap Monday release eyewear collection

Hipsters prepare your selves; Cheap Monday aka the superbly priced skinny jean brand is releasing a new range of eyewear – Cheap Monday Clairvoyant.

The Swedish dudes collaborated with designer Flo Scandinavia and will bring you a sixteen pair range of both acetate and metal made frames. The range includes both sunglasses and reading glasses and of course brandished with the famous skull logo on the side. Each pair has been named are a cult novel including †The Darkness That Comes Before,’ †The Colour Out of Space’ and †Blindness’ and are pretty damn nice.

Unfortunately they’re only available in Scandinavia, obviously a massive fail, but those desperate to be one of the pioneers of Cheap Monday eye style this Summer can purchase them online.

If you happen to have a pair of 3D glasses lying around, pop them on and check out the pics below (in case you were wonderin, yes they’re meant to be blurry) it will certainly heighten the experience. If you don’t it won’t be as good but you’ll still be wishing you had eyesight issues so you would actually need to wear glasses. Oh wait that isn’t a prerequisite anymore is it? My bad, so you may as well grab a pair anyway. Go to Cheap Cheap to delve further into their crazy 3D world.