CBS Orders Laziest Spinoff Ever, “How I Met Your Dad”

Incredibly successful How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and and Craig Thomas are most definitely Self-Fiving and shouting Challenge Accepted all over the place today, as terrible, woeful news has come in that CBS has succumbed to If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It mentality coupled with Let’s Mlik This Mother, by ordering the laziest spin off of all time, How I Met Your Dad.

In case you can’t hear my disdain over the thundering sound of a dangerously dramatic eye roll, to spell things out simply: supporting a How I Met Your Dad spin off would be like supporting Vince Gilligan writing a series called Breaking Good, in which Walter White does fun runs, makes delectable blue candy for kids and supports charities to beat cancer and support his family, aka TERRIBLE and not how spinoffs are done. 

Variety reports today that the CBS spin off is indeed going ahead, together with the support of Up All Night creator Emily Spivey leading the show as executive producer. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show will be penned by the Spivey, Bays and Thomas, and will follow the female-centric perspective of the popular sitcom, as in, exactly as its title suggests. 

And meanwhile, in news that signals the death of TV creativity as networks play it safe and order spinoffs, the How I Met Your Dad deal comes not far off the news that Dexter, The Walking Dead and Modern Family have all been eyeing the safety of the spinoff prize. R.I.P original ideas.

Via Variety, THR.