Caption This: Aaron Paul Posts Breaking Bad “Spoiler” On Instagram

Staying on trend as being the most self-aware boss to roam the streets of Albuquerque, sprinkling about tasty blue meth and wads of cash alike, Aaron Paul took to instagram today to post a frame-worthy insty-moment that just arouses lots of feelings.

Aaron Paul tagged the following picture with #spoiler, because he’s a goddamn legend, and to be honest once you forget that this is just Aaron Paul having a laff and start really thinking hard about Breaking Bad, perhaps all signs really do point to a Skyler, Walt, Jesse threeway? That scene a few episodes ago when (legit SPOILER alert) Lady McSkyler is all, “Pinkman just has to go“, did she actually mean “go…in to our lovemaking cesspit“?!? Is Walt, in the middle, not just closing his eyes in pleasure but ACTUALLY DEAD, and is Jesse the new Ted Beneke for Skyler? Enough of the pathetic theories clogging my trembling head. Who, dear readers, can caption this appropriately, like it so deserves? 

Meanwhile, after browsing Aaron Paul’s instagram for the first time because who knew Aaron Paul was in to that, it’s become blatantly clear that the dude is not only the co-star of Breaking Bad, he’s also literally the show’s biggest, most passionate fan. Posting memes and art on the regular, here’s one of the BB-inspired paraphernalia posts that have infected Paul’s instagram feed. Someone get this guy a beer, or a ton of meth, or the opposite of Ricin, or whatever: