Brendan Dassey’s Mum Got A ‘Justice 4 Brendan’ Tatt Mins Before His Release

In a turn of events no one saw coming, it was recently announced that ‘Making a Murderer‘ subject Brendan Dassey had his conviction overturned for the 2005 murder of journalist Teresa Halbach, and was going to be released from jail in the next 90 days. 
And to be frank – literally no one saw this coming. Not even his family. 
How do we know this? Well, because his mum Barb got a ‘Justice for Brendan’ tattoo legitimately 20 minutes before they found out Brendan was going to be released. TWENTY MINUTES. 
Barb and a family friend got this giant ink of their thigh:
Yeeeeeowch. But, Barb says she doesn’t regret it, thinking of her fresh ink as the good luck charm that managed to get Brendan released. 
But the actual reason Dassey‘s had a life conviction overturned was due to police acting improperly when extracting a confession from the then 16-year-old. His order read, in part:
“The investigators … assured Dassey that he had nothing to worry about. 

These repeated false promises, when considered in conjunction with all relevant factors, most especially Dassey’s age, intellectual deficits, and the absence of a supportive adult, rendered Dassey’s confession involuntary.”
Steven Avery remains in prison. Which you probably already knew, since you’re absolutely fanging for the second season, aren’tcha
Source: Uproxx
Photo: Making A Murderer.