The Baguette Bag Of 2005 Is Back In It’s Chic 2019 Form

Did you froth Paris Hilton circa 2005? Chances are you also coveted her very extensive collection of baguette bags. The baguette bag was *the* accessory of the mid-00s, worn by everyone from Paris (and obv Nicole Richie) to Marissa Cooper on The OC. Maybe you thought it had been banished to the pits of hell after we all realised we were dressing like maniacs in that decade. Well, you’re wrong.

[jwplayer wqe0X5mC]

The baguette bag is back, baby. Except this time, it’s less trashy and far more chic. Fendi – the OG in the baguette bag game – started it off by reviving their iconic version at an event in NYC this Feb.

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Fendi

And now the trend is taking off again, with other luxe brands releasing 2019-updates of the style. Here’s our pick of the baguette bags you should be investing in right now – Le Deux club membership optional.

BY FAR Rachel Bag, $365
Brie Leon Camille Bag, $189
Little Liffner Baguette Bag, $460
Fendi Large Baguette, $4,290
Brie Leon Camille Bag, $189