Aussies Are Flooding Social Media With What Penalty Rates Mean To Them

Today’s decision by the curiously-titled Fair Work Commission to slash penalty rates for the retail and hospitality industry will have long-lasting repercussions on a generation of young Australians – but we barely had to wait a couple of hours to hear from impacted workers on how damaging the move is. 

Aussies have shared their experiences with penalty rates in droves on Twitter, outlining exactly how the bonus pay provisions enabled them to, you know, live. Former students have explained how working inopportune hours helped ’em through university in the first place:

Others have explained that the extra income penalty rates provide is legitimately indispensible, and that slashing rates will cause seismic shifts in their ways of life:

Then, there’s the ideological opposition to the changes. Keen observers of this pro-business shake-up have questioned why Australia feels the need to squeeze some of the nation’s most put-upon workers:

… And that’s just from those who’ve chosen to share their outrage via Twitter. Expect to hear more about this from your friends and fam in the days, months, and years to come – and realise this whole shift against Australia’s young guns ain’t over yet. 

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty.