Arrested Development’s “Her?” Mae Whitman Approves Of Spike Jonze’s “Her” On Twitter

The Arrested Development actress known for playing the bland mayonegg/light of George Michael’s life whose character’s name needs not to be remembered, Mae Whitman, has produced a life imitates art imitates life delight, reviewing Spike Jonze‘s highly anticipated upcoming film, aptly titled, Her. 

While Her bares no real connections to Mae Whitman or Ann Veal – making Whitman’s thoughts on the film decidedly void of authority and floated solely by tenuous, monosyllabic Arrested Development in jokes – we still wildly appreciated the review Whitman announced on twitter.

After attending a screening of Her, Whitman gave Spike Jonze’s latest, seemingly flawless creation the “prestigious “Her?” Stamp of Approval.” Bless this angel, never change.

But really. Her? 

Via Huffington Post.