Animal Justice MP Shredded By Vegans After Being Papped Scoffing Fish

It’s only Tuesday and already this week has been absolute boon for seafood-related misdemeanours.

The first member of an Australian parliament elected from the Animal Justice Party has copped an absolute pizzling thanks to the fact he was papped by a keen-eyed vegan eating fish at a Japanese restaurant – a direct contravention of the party platform, which encourages vegetarianism.
According to Fairfax, a poster on the Sydney Vegan Club Facebook group spotted NSW MLC Mark Pearson scoffing down some snapper fish:
So the lead spokesman for the Animal Justice Party in the Government comes into my work regularly […] I work in a Japanese restaurant. Last night they ordered oysters and snapper fish. And they promote a plant based diet on their page, are so passionate about animal rights and the abolishment of everything cruel to do with it in Australia. Does anyone else find this a bit fucked?
As you might imagine could potentially happen on a closed Facebook group for vegans, things got relatively heated in the comment section, with one poster calling Pearson a “traitor […] to these poor fish.”

Pearson himself has posted on his Facebook page decrying the poor conditions of Australian salmon farms:
The Animal Justice Party platform reads as follows: “Eating fish, whether farmed or wild, is incompatible with AJP’s advocacy of a plant-based diet.”
For his part, Pearson admitted to Fairfax he’d had a ‘morsel’ of fish. He confessed that he’s obviously strayed spectacularly on his road to animal Jerusalem, but that he’s sure the member base has forgiven him for this unspeakable crime.
There was some fish on one of the dishes and I had a bit of it. I strayed for that moment; for that morsel. It’s all over. I think the people in the party have forgiven me and now we have to get on and do the work for animals.
Godspeed to you, Mark. 
Photo: Facebook.