American Apparel Is Back With A New Global Site, Minus Its Controversial Founder

American Apparel was the go-to spot for basics in the mid-2000’s. If you didn’t own one of their unisex v-neck tees, did you even 2000’s?

They went into major decline in the 2010’s, with a bunch of bad shit going down like sexual harrassment lawsuits, financial dramas and mass controversy. Now, the brand is owned by an entirely different company, with problematic founder Dov Charney no longer associated.

American Apparel’s return is online only at this stage, but all your faves are still there, like the iconic disco pants:

Unisex tees:

and epic bodysuits:

The new ownership of the brand won’t change the “real people” vibe of American Apparel’s advertisements and social media, and they’re saying there’s a commitment to diversity in their campaigns as well.

Although they’re def less hyper-sexual – something that was also often a controversial element of the OG ads.

They’re also committing to be ethically made and sweatshop-free, although the products will no longer exclusively be made in the USA.

Given we’re all loping around in plain tees and baggy jeans these days, it’s definitely a good time for this iconic brand to make it’s comeback.

You can shop it online from the 24th April (today!) HERE.