Alexa Chung Inks Yet Another Fashion Contract

The It girl craze is making a resurgence after inexplicably calming down for three months. The young, rich and beautiful are back in the spotlight and the one everyone wants a piece of Alexa Chung. Let’s face it, any male old enough to get a stiffy and the majority of females – lesbian or otherwise – want to french her. She has just been signed up as the face of Lacoste’s new fragrance, which will launch in January 2011.

Alexa currently fronts Pepe Jean’s spring/summer campaign, has a Mulberry bag named after her, and designed her own collection for American brand Madewell. Bringing on Chung as the face of their new perfume will be the first time Lacoste have ever used a female celeb to hock the classic French leisurewear brand. Her preppy ‘ballet flats and sweater vests’ vibe will be a perfect fit for Lacoste.

One It girl whose stock has fallen in the last few months is Peaches Geldof, who got dropped from her lingerie campaign with Ultimo after a NSFW sex / heroin scandal got leaked by some random bro in New York with a penis tattoo. Since then she has been tweeting nonstop and watching Hanson in concert. It sounds like it was really good.

Via Teen Vogue

Main photo by Stephen Lovekin via Getty