10 Things Our Style Editor Is Sussing From The AfterYAY Sales

There is nothing – NOTHING – I love more than a sale. As someone who is kinda obsessed with fashion but also kinda forever broke, the AfterYAY sales are on par with Boxing Day for me. Since Afterpay run across so many brands, there’s mucho savings to be had on stuff you actually want.

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These days I’m trying for a more sustainable shopping vibe, opting to replace my ruined stuff I love/buy things that have longevity and versatility in my wardrobe. Here’s what I’m eyeing off for AfterYAY (14-16th August).

1. Topshop Rio Toe Loop Sandals

$119.99 down to $89.99 with 25% off

These 70s-esque heels have been in my saved basket for weeks, and now seems like the perfect time to buy. I’ll wear them for those rare times I throw on heels – the brown hue ties majorly with my style, and is a bit more fun than basic black.

2. Rolla’s Eastcoast Flare Jean

Rolla’s @ General Pants Eastcoast Flare Jean in Galaxy Black, $159.95 down to $111.96 with 30% off

My denim ride-or-die is Rolla’s Eastcoast Flare – they’re the 70s denim I’ve wanted forever. I have the Karen Blue and the Midnight Blue colours (yes I am that much of a sad fan that I know all the colourways) and I’ve been waiting to buy a black pair for days I wanna feel like Joan Jett, Runaways era.

3. Aje Tate Trouser

Aje Tate Trouser, $295 down to $236 with 20% off

On the ~fancy~ front, these trousers by Aje are actual heaven, and pair back with everything from a plain white tee to silk shirts.

4. Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

Chuck Taylor All Star SL Low Top, $100 down to $80 with 20% off sale

My All Stars are SO GROSS, like possibly beige now from filth. I need new ones. Desperately.

5. Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette

Fenty Beauty @ Sephora Moroccan Spice Palette, $82 down to $57.40 with 30% off selected

Fenty Beauty ruleeees, and this palette is a great mix of neutral shades for day, and fun party ones for when I wanna pretend to be Rihanna at night.

6. MAC Next To Nothing Bronzing Powder

MAC Next To Nothing Bronzing Powder, $45 down to $31.50 with 30% off select shades

I like my bronzing powders to give me a subtle, natural glow – and this one promises that. MAC are legends when it comes to natural-looking shades, so I reckon it’ll be on the money.

7. Wrangler Ringer Tee

Wrangler @ Glue Store Tate Ringer Tee, $49.95 down to $37.46 with 25% off

I’ve wanted this tee since I watched Stranger Things 3 and fell for Winona Ryder’s entire wardrobe.

8. Nasty Gal Gather Together Bodysuit

Nasty Gal Gather Together Bodysuit, $56 down to $28 with 50% off.

Super cute, no?

9. Wrangler Lou Lou Bells

Wrangler @ The Iconic Lou Lou Bells, $149.95 down to $104.96 with 30% off

Back on the Wrangler train, these flares are on my list. I know, I know – too many flares. But hey, can you ever have too many pairs of jeans if you live in them daily?

10. Country Road Brae Quilt Cover

Country Road Brae Queen Quilt Cover, $199 down to $159.20 with 20% off

Country Road’s bedlinen is SO lush and lasts forever, I need some new sheets so I’ll snap some up while it’s on sale.

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