Whoops, The Age Just Ran An Ad Commiserating The Dogs’ Grand Final “Loss”

To be fair, at the start of the year a Western Bulldogs fairytale-like AFL Premiership win was about as likely as a jockey winning the Melbourne Cup without the aid of a horse.
But even still, this is downright comical.
Coming out of an epic Grand Final weekend possibly still nursing sore heads, The Age has today managed to make a monumental stuff up by running the very, very incorrect version of a Victoria University ad that commiserates the Doggies on their ~quite tragic~ Grand Final loss to the Sydney Swans.
The ad, splashed across page 7 of this morning’s edition, features Bulldogs stand-in captain/VU alumni Easton Wood, and congratulates the team on an “outstanding” 2016 AFL season “in spite of the disappointment of the Grand Final loss.”
Who knows? Maybe we’re all suffering from the world’s largest collective fever dream and the AFL has very quietly started handing out spiffy-looking trophy cups for 2nd.

‘Course if it really is all a fever dream for the love of dog do not tell the good people of Footscray. This is a W they need, y’know?

Ahh well. It was an especially large weekend. We’ll give The Age a pass on this one.

UPDATE: The Age has issued an apology for running the ad, blaming the snafu on a “breakdown” in their ad system.
“We acknowledge a mistake made in today’s paper regarding Victoria University and the Western Bulldogs. An advertisement was run congratulating the Western Bulldogs on an outstanding 2016 season, instead of one celebrating their Grand Final victory. This was the result of a breakdown in our ad system. We apologise to both Vic Uni and the Western Bulldogs.”

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Facebook.