WATCH: Tony Hawk Somehow Manages To Hit Another 900 At 48-Years-Old

17 years ago, almost to the day, Tony Hawk threw the sports world on its head by hitting the now-iconic 900 during the 1999 X-Games.

The trick was a pop culture phenomenon and helped launch Tony Hawk’s name further atop the pinnacle of the sport, thanks in large part to the ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater‘ game series that coincidentally launched a mere month after the X-Games (if you re-watch the OG 900 footage, you can hear Activision‘s marketing team popping boners all over the place).
Fast forward 17 years and the now-48-year-old dude has still got it, even though at this point he has grown-ass kids and has knees that have to be held together by duct tape and hope.
Hawk dropped back into the vert ramp for YouTube’s RIDE Channel to re-create the trick on its exact 17th anniversary.
Yes, 48-year-old very much a Dad Tony Hawk can still somehow manage to bust out a 900.
‘Course it didn’t come without a price, as the clearly over it Hawk threw off his gear and marched out with son Spencer practically the instant he landed that bastard.

Can’t really blame him either, TBH. Some of those hits are fuuuuuuuuuucked.

Source: YouTube.