WATCH: 3 Pro Skaters Risked Death To Shred The World’s Biggest Waterslide

Because there’s literally no reason why they couldn’t or shouldn’t do it, three pro skateboarders have shredded the biggest waterslide on Earth.
Located in Dubai, the Aquaconda waterslide in the Aquaventure Waterpark (we’re sensing a definite aqua theme) featuring 156 metres of slide that was obviously designed to be completely drained of water and thoroughly obliterated by skaters Alex Sorgente, Milton Martinez and Jan Hoffmann for Red Bull.
Have a gander:
Sorgente said that it was a risky prospect. “I think it’s probably like 100 feet to the bottom, so if you fall over it I think you’re going to be dead.” Fair comment. A 100 foot fall would probably kill you, yes.
They also hit the Zoomerango which is, to our understanding, a 15 metre vertical wall. Sounds like a reasonably terrifying prospect with water on it, let alone without. And they bloody dropped down it, didn’t they?
Source: Red Bull.
Photo: Supplied.